What is Headliner ?

Headliner is a PWA(Progressive Web App) which collects top news articles from prominent news providers in various categories. The simple UI and PWA functionality make Headliner the most versatile news application. It loads blazing fast with only 2 seconds loading time and has offline viewing capability.


International National
The Guardian Times of India
BBC India Today
New York Times DNA India
The Verge NDTV News
Tech Crunch The Hindu
ARS Technica Beebom
NYT Tech Gadgets 360


Headliner doesn't monetize or commercialize any of the contents retrieved from the above news service providers. This is a purely hobby project and we respect the efforts of all the professionals involved in curating valuable news. We respect the hard work of providers and we don't seek to gain any type of profit by any means from this application. We have tried our best to provide credits of the news articles to their respective providers by all means possible. For any issues regarding copyright please contact us

Source Code

Headliner is built using Javascript, Jquery, HTML and CSS. This is an open source project and the source code is available HERE. Feel free to clone the repository.

Who is Behind ?

Hii, I'm Sambit. I'm an intermediate in javascript and love to create stuff. To know more about me please visit my blog I developed Headliner primarily as a hobby project to learn how to use APIs. Later after I learned how to use RSS feeds, I added another page Infilner to this project which essentially showed an infinite scroll of news articles. Headliner was a PWA already and later during the lockdown the idea to categorize the news articles came. I developed it as a complete platform for reading news in hurry. I hope this helped you someway.